The Best Group Project

I failed to mention in my last post that among some not-so-great group work experiences this term, there was one that will probably stand as the best group project I’ve ever been a part of. Alice, Mumbi, Roshan, Asena, Lisa, and I all worked together to create this article about the Libyan slave trade and the…Read more »

A New Chapter

It’s hard to believe I haven’t updated this blog in nearly two years. Obviously a lot has happened since then, so I’ll skip to the highlights. I suppose the biggest piece of news is that I’ve recently relocated to the UK to study Multimedia Journalism in a Masters program at the University of Westminster in…Read more »

Ecuador: The Finale

Hey folks! Just a quick update to tell you that the paper I wrote with Brittany Pitruniak and Morgan Messelink has (finally!) been published in Earth Common Journal at MacEwan University and is now available to be read online from anywhere in the world through JournalQuest or here from the ECJ website. It’s been a long journey…Read more »

Taking a Step Back

Lately I’ve been feeling a little… well, burnt out. Burnout is certainly something that I’ve experienced before–I get overwhelmed by the amount of things going on in my life and my effort to continue doing all them leaves me pretty exhausted. And, if you read my post about Finding Balance a few months ago, you’ll know…Read more »